The Alkaline Kickstart Workshop (Free Training Series)
Free 3-Part Training Series Shows You How to
Hit the Reset Button for Your Entire Body for Incredible Energy & Vitality...Soothing & Removing Inflammation, Fatigue, Acidity, Excess Weight & More at the Root Cause...
Ross Bridgeford - Creator of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse
Ross Bridgeford
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An effortless plan to get to the root of excess weight, chronic fatigue, reflux, digestive issues, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalance & more...
Learn Step-by-Step How to Reboot Your Body
For Incredible Health, Energy, Mental Clarity & Vitality
In this workshop you will learn directly from Ross how to:
  •  Hit the 'Reset Button': undo years of bad diet, deep rooted clogging up in your body and give your body a FRESH new start in just seven days...
  •  Fast-Track Healing: learn the foods and recipes to use for fast results that stick
  •  How to Unclog the Body: understand the major systems of the body and how these have gotten so out of balance - and the easy steps to realign them and get the energy pumping again!
  •  Long-Term Results: discover how balancing your hormones, digestion, immunity, alkalinity and detoxification organs we can rapidly set the foundation for huge, long-term health & energy
  •  Results the EASY Way: detoxing your body can be super-easy & fun OR the hardest thing you'll ever do!  Learn the common mistakes and the core things to make it SO enjoyable
  •  Make it ENJOYABLE: there is no 'going hungry', feeling restricted, starving yourself or 'purging' on Ross' plan, it is all about abundance, nourishing, working with your body and giving it the tools it needs to naturally detoxify and reboot.  You will LOVE how you feel!
About Ross Bridgeford & The Alkaline Kickstart
Ross Bridgeford is the founder and owner of Live Energized, the World's foremost authority on the Alkaline Diet and the Alkaline Lifestyle.  

He has been coaching people from all over the World to their dream health and energy for over fifteen years and has transformed the lives of over 4,800 people through his Alkaline Reset protocol (see a few of his success stories below).  

He is the author of two bestselling recipe books, and the author of the forthcoming Hay House release "The Alkaline Reset" (Jan 2019).  

He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his partner and two kids and their dog, Millie.  
Ross Bridgeford
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