Introducing the Alkaline Recipe Plus Package to guarantee that you...
Get ALKALINE & THRIVING in Just 21 Days


Introducing the Alkaline Recipe System Plus...
Having a Collection of SIMPLE & DELICIOUS RECIPES Makes Getting Alkaline SO EASY...
Get 250+ Delicious, Quick & Easy Alkaline Recipes Beat Fatigue, Reach Your Ideal Weight, Boost Your Immune System, Heal Digestion, Soothe Inflammation & Save You Time in the Kitchen!
The Alkaline Recipe System Plus is a digital package that contains my best-selling Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Volume 2, my brand-new Alkaline Gluten-Free Cookbook, my exclusive unreleased KETO x Alkaline Plan  PLUS my 21-Day Alkaline Menu & Shopping List and more to make it effortless for you to get alkaline and thriving!

With every meal covered including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts (even breads!) your alkaline life is about to get so easy.

The meals are quick (none take more than 20-minutes), keto & paleo-friendly, vegan-friendly, gluten-free & are family and kid-approved!
"In just 60 days I effortlessly lost 30lbs and regained the energy I thought I'd lost in my 20's"  -- Daniel Stones, NYC
The Alkaline Recipe System+ is a digital eBook available for instant download.

This is the EASY Way to Get Alkaline, Boost Your Energy & Immune System, Get Your Ideal Body & the Vitality You Crave

Get hundreds of delicious, easy-to-make, nutritious, nourishing, healing recipes, the whole family will love...

This is What You Get Inside the Alkaline Recipe System Plus:
The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book (Vol. 2) 
Normally $49.99 (eBook Download)
My best-selling collection of quick and delicious alkaline recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices, smoothies, soups and more.

Each recipe includes a nutritional highlights panel plus all of the recipes are grouped into which goals they will help you achieve including weight loss, digestive healing, stronger bones, more energy, beating reflux and so much more.

Normally $49.99
The Alkaline Gluten-Free Cookbook
Normally $29.99 (eBook Download)
My brand-new, as-yet-unreleased cookbook (this is the only place to get it!) with a further 68 delicious gluten-free recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks...and also breads and desserts too!

This will be released late 2019 with a retail price of $29.99 and it's included in the Alkaline Recipe Plus 

Normally $29.99
The 21-Day Alkaline Meal Plan 
Normally $49.99 (eBook Download)
This is the ultimate done-for-you, time-saving, money-saving, preparation-saving toolkit!  

In the 21-Day Alkaline Meal Plan you get each day for 21 days mapped out for you - pre-breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner and you get itemized shopping lists for each week...including another 50+ recipes!

So all you need to do is print the shopping list, buy the foods and follow the plan - and get the result!  

Normally $49.99
The Keto Alkaline Plan
RRP $49.99 (Digital Training, Recipes, Meal Plan & Guide)
If you want to get the explosive energy, fat-torching and brain-boosting benefits of a keto diet ON TOP OF the incredible vitality and health of an alkaline diet - this is for you!  

You get instant access to my Keto x Alkaline Recipes, Meal Plan and Guides to get you into a state of "Al-keto-sis"!  

This has never been made available before and this could be your only chance to get it!

Normally $49.99
The Alkaline Automatic Menu Planner
Normally $29.99 (Digital Training, Videos & Guide)
Lifetime access to my core training that shows you how to plan out your alkaline days weeks and months ahead, in just minutes - with shopping lists, recipes and everything organised.  

This will save you hours and tick THE most important step in making your alkaline life easy, effortless and practically guaranteed.

This makes it so easy to stick to, and with this consistency the results are incredible.  
Normally $29.99
And You Can Get It All at 86% OFF 
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe System+ for just
$209 $29.99
30-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
Real World Results from the Alkaline Recipe System+...
Until FRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER at Midnight PST
Regular Price $159 USD 
BUY NOW and SAVE 82%
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe Plus Package for just
$157 $29.99
60-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
The Alkaline Recipe System+ is the EASY BUTTON to Getting Alkaline for Life...
Getting Alkaline - to get the most amazing energy & vitality - is SO Easy When You Have Dozens of Quick & Delicious Recipes You Love...
If you've ever tried to 'go alkaline' or live any healthy lifestyle before, you know that knowing what foods to eat  is not enough.  

You know what healthy foods are, you probably know what the most alkaline foods are...
...but transforming 'healthy foods' into 'delicious recipes' is a whole other ball game!
In my 15+ years of coaching people to their best ever health & energy I know that the #1 problem people face, the thing that trips up more people than anything else is not having delicious, easy, simple recipes...

Recipes that are mouthwatering, but use simple ingredients...

Recipes that take minutes to prepare and don't require fifty steps and a culinary degree...

Recipes that the whole family will love so you don't have to waste time and money cooking one meal for you...and then another meal for the rest of the family... 
So When It's Time For Breakfast...
You have dozens of recipes you love that take just minutes to put together,  AND give your body the perfect balance of nutrients that is SO important at the start of the day.

These recipes will banish acidity from the night before, provide your liver with the perfect detoxification nutrients to remove toxins, will balance your insulin, blood sugar, cortisol and more...

And set you up for a day of wonderful, sustained, all-day energy and clear, bright mental energy while moving you rapidly towards your big health goals...
Delicious breakfasts in the Alkaline Recipe System Plus...
Chai-Spiced Quinoa Porridge
All-Day Energy Smoothie
Super-Delux Chia Pot
Easy Weight-Loss Oats
And When It's Time For Lunch...
You need recipes that work just as well at home as they do when you're at work or on-the-go...

Recipes that will energize - not leave you feeling heavy and tired - and recipes that will leave you feeling light and satisfied until it's time for dinner...

Recipes you can make at home in before you leave the house that are easy to take with you and just as delicious when you eat them as the minute you made them...
Delicious lunches in the Alkaline Recipe System Plus...
Kale Slaw with Creamy Dressing
Quinoa Superfood Salad
Creamy Avocado & White Bean Wraps 
Digestion Healing Soup
And When You Get Home Ready for Dinner...
You get home from work...everyone is need something that's quick, easy, delicious and that the whole family will love.

The last thing you need is to have to make one meal for you and a whole other meal for the rest of the family!

The recipes you will get are all based on firm-family-faves...they are all based on simple, everyday ingredients...

And almost all of them can be made in bulk and stored...or work wonderfully as leftovers for lunch the next day!
Delicious dinners in the Alkaline Recipe System Plus...
Super-Alkaline Spaghetti Bol.
Creamy Alkaline Pasta Alfredo
Alkaline Pad Thai Noodles
Soothing Gut-Healing Soup
EVERYTHING is covered - you will never be caught wondering what to eat...even for dessert! 

There are gluten-free breads...dozens of delicious snacks (that are great on-the-go)...

And of course, it goes without saying: so many nutrient-dense, sensational smoothies and juices that will take your energy to a whole other level.
Everything is covered...
Super-Alkaline Bliss Balls
Delicious GF Banana Bread
Ross' Salted Caramel Slice
 Basil & Arugula Pesto
And it's all Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly, SUPER Alkaline, Anti-Inflammatory and Kid-Approved!
In my 15+ years of coaching over 10,000 students to the health of their dreams with the alkaline lifestyle I've seen it all!  

I know the things that most commonly cause people to give up or fall off track.

And with The Alkaline Recipe System PLUS  I've given you everything to make it as fool-proof and done-for-you as possible.

This is designed to save you time and money, and remove the stress of planning and thinking 'what's for dinner'!
The recipes are quick and easy and delicious, and they're also based upon family-favourites, 'normal' meals that the whole family will love...

So there is no more cooking one meal for you and one meal for everyone else!

And with the 21-Day Alkaline Meal Plan all you have to do is print the shopping list, buy the foods, follow the menus and get the result!

Short of me coming to your house and chopping the vegetables for you this is as 'done-for-you' as it gets!

More Real World Results...
This is no accident.  These results are not uncommon.  The Alkaline Recipe System Plus works, and it works every time no matter what the goal because it gets to the CORE of what your body needs to be able to heal, repair, restore and thrive...
And  You Can Get It All at 86% OFF!
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe System+ for just
$209 Just $29.99
30-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
And REMEMBER: This is All 100% Risk-Free for You Today
Try The Alkaline Recipe Plus Pack for 60 Days - If You Change Your Mind You Can Get ALL of Your Money Back!

This is guaranteed to simplify your life, alkalize your body and get you to the energy and vitality of your dreams...but if you give it a try and decide it's just not for you (these things happen, life gets in the way!) you can ask for a 100% refund with no reason needed, for up to sixty days.

No questions, no hoops to jump through, and no hard feelings.

You simply email us and we refund you.  

I am that confident you're going to love the recipes, and the results they give you and your family.
Real-World Recipes for EVERY Health Goal
When you fuel your body with the alkaline, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich nutrients in these recipes, you will restore balance to your body.  

Your body KNOWS how to repair and restore your perfect health, it just needs the fuel.  And with these recipes, you will be giving your body all of the tools it needs to thrive.
And as a few examples of the recipes you'll receive, to help you along the way:
Recipes for Weight Loss
Alka-Tropical Smoothie
Weight Loss Oats
Antioxidant Super Bowl
Summer Mexican Salad
Alkaline Root Veg Curry
Summer Quinoa Salad
Super Hearty Minestrone
Sweet Potato Soup
Superfood Bliss Balls
Energizing Muesli Mix
Golden Turmeric Latte
Kale Slaw 
& more...
Recipes for Fatigue
Almond Metabolism Smoothie
Aubergine & Spicy Chickpea Stew
Black Bean Hummous
Ginger & Greens Stir Fry
Alkaline Green Curry
Alkaline Raw Pad Thai
All-Day Energy Smoothie
Energy Cacao Smoothie
Energy Boosting Juice
Metabolism Ignition Juice
Zucchini Roll Ups 
Beetroot "Lemonade"
& more...
Recipes for Liver Health
Alkaline Quinoa Salad Bowl
Garlic Vegan Mayo
Chinese Spiced Stir Fry
Carrot & Artichoke Soup
Liver Restore Smoothie
Liver Retore Juice
Black Bean Hummous
Basil & Arugula Pesto
Alkaline Nourish Bowl
Quinoa & Buckwheat Porridge
The Triple A Juice
Anti-Inflammation Smoothie
& more...
Recipes for Digestive Health
Alkaline Reflux Relief Smoothie
Digestion Healing Soup
Soothing Gut-Healing Soup
Alkaline Powerhouse Juice
Cleansing Broccoli & Ginger Soup
Immune Boosting Asparagus & Ginger Broth
Hearty Quinoa Winter Stew
Alkaline Fennel Soup
Kale & Chickpea Mash
Alkaline Pistou Soup
& more...
Recipes for Heart Health
Alkaline French Dressing
Metabolic Fire Smoothie
Mexican Tortilla Soup
Arugula, Watercress & Mint Salad
Vegetable Dhal with Ginger Raita
All-Day Energy Protein Balls
Alkaline Spaghetti Bolognaise
Mung Bean Risotto
Alkaline Tabouli
Chia Seed Energy Crackers
& more...

Recipes for Hormone Balance
Thryoid Balance Smoothie
Thyroid Restore Juice
Adrenal De-Wire Smoothie
Carrot & Artichoke Soup
Triple A Juice
Basil & Arugula Pesto
Alkaline Nourish Bowl
Quinoa & Buckwheat Porridge
The Triple A Juice
Anti-Inflammation Smoothie
& more...

PLUS recipes for inflammation, auto-immune, IBS, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, rosacea, low libido, immune strength, bone strength, bloating and so much more...
When you fuel your body with the alkaline, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich nutrients in these recipes, you will restore balance to your body.  
Your body KNOWS how to repair and restore your perfect health, it just needs the fuel.  And with these recipes, you will be giving your body all of the tools it needs to thrive.
Think about it...for less than the price of a cup of coffee for the next 10 days...
A small cup of coffee is costing you around $3.  If you have just one small latte every for just the next ten days you'll be spending $30+...(and the same goes for chai lattes!)...

A single cheap, acidic, junkfood takeaway meal is easily more than $30+...

Just a couple of glasses of wine...

And at the grocery store?  

Think how easily you can spend $30 on chips, biscuits, snacks and other junk food...

There are so many quick and easy ways to spend $30+ on things that won't contribute to your health, that will take you further from your health goals...
And for LESS than $30 you can have the COMPLETE ALKALINE RECIPE SYSTEM PLUS!
And as a reminder of everything you'll receive instant access to:
And remember to buy each of these products from me normally would cost $159 USD...
[+] My Best-Selling Alkaline Diet Recipe eBook Volume 2 (RRP $49.99)
[+] My Brand-New Unreleased Alkaline Gluten-Free eCookbook (RRP $29.99)
[+] Done-For-You 21-Day Alkaline Meal Plans & Shopping Lists (RRP $49.99)
[+] The Exclusive KETO x Alkaline Recipes, Meal Plan & Guides (RRP $49.99)
[+] Core Alkaline Training: The Automatic Alkaline Meal Planner (RRP $29.99)
Until FRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER at Midnight PST
Regular Price $159 USD 
BUY NOW and SAVE 82%
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe Plus Package for just
60-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
Regular Price $209 USD 
BUY NOW and SAVE 86%
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe System+ for just
$209 Just $29.99
Digital Product - Instant Downloads
30-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
DONT' FORGET: The Six Reasons People LOVE the Alkaline Recipe System+:
1. It Gets Results:  even if you only use the recipes 50-60% of the time - you will still get remarkable results.  This is all it takes.

2. It Makes it SO Easy: you'll never be wondering 'what's for dinner' again...and you'll never be stuck without the right foods in your pantry!  With the meal plans and shopping lists it's all done-for-you.

3. The WHOLE FAMILY Will Love the Recipes:  this is real, everyday, family-favorites made alkaline.  No more cooking one meal for you, and one meal for them!

4. It Saves You Time, Planning & Money:  the meal plans and shopping list remove the most time consuming part of healthy, alkaline living - the planning and prep.  With the shopping lists you'll know exactly what to buy to follow your meal plans - no more, no less. 

5. It Works Brilliantly With Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Vegan & Everything is Gluten-Free: I have perfected the combination of alkaline and keto, using the principles of both to amazing effect.  You can add meat to ANY of the dishes to make them suitable for all diets OR be fully vegan out of the box.  

6. It Means You Can Afford to Have Treats, Be Relaxed & Not Stress About Being Perfect!  Importantly - because you're eating so alkaline with your main meals - you can afford to relax and have treats, cheat meals and a glass of wine along the way!
I know you want more for your health let's DO THIS!
  • Every Meal Covered: delicious alkaline breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, juices, smoothies, desserts, breads & more!
  • Shopping & Chopping Aside, It's All Done For You: just buy the foods on the shopping list, follow the 21-day meal plan and get the results!
  • Every Meal Takes Less than 20-Mins to Prepare: these recipes are quick, easy & fit with your busy life.
  • No More Feeling Like You’re ‘On a Diet’: even if you only use these recipes 50% of the time you will still get huge results. 
  • No Restrictions or Cravings: there is no pressure to give anything up, no cravings, no stress and no restrictions.  As with all of my coaching, you never have to be perfect!
The Alkaline Recipe System Plus Makes Living Alkaline Delicious, Easy & Effortless
"I can't believe how easy it is to cook Ross' recipes.  I got this because I have (had) Type 2 Diabetes and now my blood sugar has gone from 26 down to 6, I have lost 21lbs and all of my joint pain has gone.  When it comes to the recipes, the limited preparation and cooking time is unbelievable.  After 30 years of dieting, this is the one thing that has worked."
Oliver Ibeamuchem
United Kingdom
This makes it happen.  It saves you so much time, money, planning, preparation, thinking - it's all done-for-you, to guarantee you not only take action and get started...but you make it stick...

And when you get started, you get results, you build confidence, you build momentum...

And that is when the magic happens.

Again, even if you use these recipes just 50-60% of the time, you will still get incredible, life-changing results.

So let's do this!  I can't wait to be your guide, and I can't wait to hear your results and how your new level of health and energy has changed your life forever.
p.s. Remember, getting this entire Alkaline Recipe System Plus - the recipes, menus, shopping lists and more and getting all of those scientifically proven benefits costs less than a meal out or an unhealthy takeaway for is extremely rare that you get, literally, the solution to get you alkaline and on track for under $100, let alone under $30!  

P.S.S. Remember, you have a full 30-day trial period to put the meals in the Alkaline Diet Recipe System Plus to work for you! Put these meals to the test and you’ll see and feel the difference almost immediately. With today’s special discount and “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose...
Regular Price $209 USD 
BUY NOW and SAVE 86%
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe System+ for just
$209 Just $29.99
30-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
Do You Still Have Questions? These Answers Should Help…

Q. How do I access everything?

As soon as you purchase you will be sent your unique link to access all of the products to download to your computer/laptop/phone/tablet - and you can re-access this page whenever you need it.

Q. Is this compatible with my smartphone/tablet?

Yes, absolutely, you can download the ebooks and menus and view them on any mobile device, as well as your computer/laptop.

Q. What makes this cookbook any different from all the rest?

This is a specifically alkaline cookbook that has been created as the outcome of my 15+ years of experience of producing recipes, trialing them, testing them, tweaking them and improving them. It’s not a ‘general’ healthy cookbook - it’s a specifically alkaline cookbook. There are no ingredients used in this book that you need to worry about…

HOWEVER, and this is important to note - it is a hugely practical cookbook. I am not a chef who is only interested in making beautiful-social-media-recipes.  I am busy, I have a family, I am as time-challenged as you and so I always create recipes with this in mind.  You will see that every recipe is quick, easy to make, delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy and simple to cook and shop for. There are no weird or specialized ingredients in here, and no recipes that are 34-steps and that take 3 hours! 

Q. How Long Does it Take to Ship?

No time at all. It’s an instantly downloadable digital eBook so you can have it on your computer, phone or iPad just minutes after entering your payment details and you can get started today! No waiting required.

Q. Will I need special equipment or ingredients?

No, just regular ingredients you’ll find at any supermarket or grocery store, and as long as you have knives, a chopping board, an oven, pots, and pans you’ll be just fine!

Q. Can I still enjoy treats and meals out?

Absolutely, this is the cornerstone to everything I teach about getting alkaline and staying alkaline for life. When you’re eating these nourishing meals from the recipe book you will be able to afford yourself some treats, cheat meals and meals out without having to worry about it - all of your nutritional needs will already be taken care of!

Q. Can I still eat meat too?

Yes, definitely. You can add meat to any of the recipes as needed. I recommend keeping your meat budget the same and buying the highest quality you can though, even if this means a smaller portion.  And always go for organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, hormone-free meat as much as possible, and as ethically raised as possible.  Remember - if you are consuming meat for a nutritional benefit, you will be getting the nutrients the animal ate.  If it ate rubbish, you'll be getting rubbish.  So go high-quality or not at all.

Q. Are these recipes keto-friendly?

Absolutely.  The principles of my alkaline lifestyle and the ketogenic diet are very complimentary, almost identical: no sugar, no gluten, high veggies, high fat, high greens, limited fruits, limited carbs.

Of course, some of the recipes you'll see here are higher carb than those on the most carb-limited keto diets, so it depends on your daily net carb target, but you'll find that 80% of the recipes are highly compatible with the keto diet (and you can add meat/protein to any meal too).

Q. What about vegan/vegetarian?

The alkaline diet is vegan, in it's most straightforward application.  You'll find ALL of the recipes are vegan.  If you are not vegan you can add meat/dairy where you like, but please do try to limit this a little as meat and dairy are acid-forming!

Q. And Gluten-Free?

Absolutely.  Gluten is joint top of the most acidic-foods chart (with sugar), so you will find absolutely ZERO gluten in my recipes.

Q. Are these recipes suitable for the entire family?

Definitely, they have been tried and tested on my family, my extended family and many of my friends and there have never been any complaints! 

Plus one of the best pieces of feedback I get from my private clients is that they are so shocked that their husband/wife/kids totally get on board with these recipes too.

Q. What if I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, or eggs?

There is no gluten, dairy, soy or eggs on the alkaline diet and so none are in these recipes.

Q. Is this suitable for a non-cook?

Definitely. The recipes are designed for real people, living in the real world - just like me!
Regular Price $209 USD 
BUY NOW and SAVE 86%
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe System+ for just
$209 Just $29.99
30-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
Regular Price $209 USD 
BUY NOW and SAVE 86%
Get the Whole Alkaline Recipe System+ for just
$209 Just $29.99
30-Day 100% Guarantee 
Return Any Time If It's Not For You!
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