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7-Days to Reboot, Reset & Cleanse Your Body for Incredible All-Day Energy, Unstoppable Vitality & Freedom from Fatigue, Inflammation, Aches, Pains, Excess Weight & More
Join the Alkaline Reset Cleanse Program & Get Ross as Your Personal Coach and All of the Training, Guidance & Support to Make Your Cleanse Easy, Effortless & Powerful
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a proven, powerful 7-day plan to wipe the slate clean, reboot and reset and return your body balance. 

It leaves you feeling light, energized, vibrant and alive.  Pain, inflammation, excess weight, fatigue - all start to disappear, replaced by a feeling of balance and focus, sustained, all-day energy and sharp, positive mental clarity.

And I would love to be your coach, guiding you through this journey every step of the way to guarantee your cleanse is as powerful and effortless as possible.
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse: What You Get
This is Effortless.  No Cravings.  No Willpower.  No Pain - It's Easy & Enjoyable
You might think of doing a cleanse or detox as a hard process.  Huge willpower needed. Cravings, headaches, something you have to slog through 'til the end.   This is the opposite of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse.

Here is how I make it so EASY and effortless:
Imagine Having Ross As Your Private Cleanse Coach
How would you like private access to ME as your Cleanse Coach, with my 14 years experience, having done countless cleanses myself and coached thousands of people through theirs?

I am here for you however much you need me, whenever you need me, every step of the way. 

The last time I opened registration for the Alkaline Reset Cleanse - this was an add-on for $997.  You get it for free.

As soon as you register you get sent my private ARC email address, and we connect through my 'Getting to Know Each Other' email that will be in your inbox instantly. 

Whenever you have questions, need more information on a part of the training, need support, ideas, tweaks to the program for your needs - you can reach me.  

I am passionate about making this as powerful as possible for you.  We all have different goals and needs, and I can't wait to support you with yours.

ALL of the Training, Guides, Meal Plans & More to Make Your Cleanse SO Easy!
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse Private Member's Site
This is where the rubber hit's the road - you will instantly have access to the Alkaline Reset Cleanse portal, where all of the training, videos, guides, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists & more sit, to help you get started right away, plan in your cleanse, make your cleanse SO powerful, and set you up for a lifetime of amazing health.
The training is broken down into THREE important modules:

[+] BEFORE your Cleanse: all of the training to prepare you for your cleanse, step-by-step and day by day.  There is a 'Before the Cleanse' meal plan, dozens of recipes & recipe training videos, all the prep you need to do to quit any acidic foods, prime your body and be ready to go on your alkaline cleanse.

Trainings include: 30 Days Before, 7 Days Before, Video Recipes, Sugar Transition Plan, Gluten Transition Plan, Hydration Plan & more 

[+] DURING your Cleanse: everything you need to make your cleanse easy & enjoyable. Includes all of your day-by-day steps and guides, meal plans, shopping lists & more.   PLUS we tailor the cleanse to YOUR goals with 11 different meal plans, laser targeted to goals including weight loss, more energy, better digestion, liver & kidney support, immune boosting & even libido boost!

Trainings include: Day-by-Day Walk-Thru, What to Do If Hunger Hits, How to Avoid & Remove Detox Symptoms, The Mental Game, Cleansing the Five Master Systems & more 

[+] AFTER your Cleanse: how to transition after the cleanse & make the benefits last for days, weeks and months.   This is a critical step which presents a major opportunity: follow my training and the effort you invest in your cleanse will pay you back even more - and keep getting more and more beneficial over time.

Trainings include: your post-cleanse meal plan, new recipes, the Four Core Actions, how to build daily health habits, the mental game & more.
Inside the Member's Area, You Find EVERYTHING To Make the Cleanse Powerful & Easy and Practically Guarantee Your Success:
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60-Day Zero Risk Guarantee - 100% Money Back Policy
The Power of the Group
Also included in your Alkaline Reset Cleanse Program 2017 are not one but THREE (minimum) Group Cleanses.  These are powerful.  They draw the line in the sand and give you a date to work towards - and when you commit - amazing things happen.

During these three Group Cleanses (dates inc. early October, Late November and Mid-January) we go through the Alkaline Reset Cleanse together, starting with the seven days BEFORE the cleanse, then the seven days of the cleanse followed by seven days AFTER.

We do it together, for 21-days, with daily emails, Q&A sessions, videos, tips, ideas, strategies and the power of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse community - there for you, answering questions, giving a high five or a pat on the back when you need it, giving you accountability.

We have done this before and it is AMAZING and powerful.  You are absolutely going to love the experience.  We will have more Group Cleanses throughout the year - so you can pick a date that works for you and jump on board - or just follow along to learn.

OR if you want to go it alone on a different date, you have everything you need in the member site, all of the training, recipes, meal plans, guidance and you can have my coaching, one-on-one whenever you are ready via your private email link to me.
YOUR Cleanse, For YOU: Personalized &
Tailored to Your Goal
One Size Fits...One...

I know we are all different, have different needs, backgrounds, health challenges, idiosyncrasies, tastes, needs and wants...

And while the Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a total, whole body cleanse that is effective for ALL goals (due to it's ability to help the body rebalance), sometimes, you just want an extra push in a certain direction.

That's why I've created ELEVEN different cleanse paths - different meal plans & recipes to suit your goal.

You can pick from Weight Loss, Abundant Energy/Banish Fatigue, Liver & Kidney Support, Immune Boosting, Hormone Rebalance, Digestive Soothing, Libido Boost, Mental Sharpness, Clear Skin, Reflux Remedy and of course the Core Alkaline Cleanse.

PLUS if you have any foods you are allergic to, intolerant of, or plainly just don't like - I will work with you on YOUR meal plan personally to make it work for you.

Again - I am passionate about making this process as powerful and effortless for you as possible.

Get Started Now - Registration Closes Soon
60-Day Zero Risk Guarantee - 100% Money Back Policy
It Doesn't Stop There:  Over $400+ Of Extra Bonuses
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse completely resets, rebalances and reboots your body and your Five Master Systems.  It puts you in peak state, primed and perfectly healthy to create the most amazing life possible. BUT I don't want your health journey to end there - this is where it should start...

So I have included three amazing bonuses to guarantee you get, and KEEP the health and energy you deserve:

Normally $197
BONUS 1: The Alkaline for Life Program
The first bonus is my ‘Alkaline for Life’ program – this is the complete plan for you to follow once you’ve finished your cleanse. 

This is your long-term guarantee of alkalinity, energy and vitality. It’s the full training on how to implement these principles – everything I’ve been teaching you – in your life, in a way that makes it sustainable, achievable, easy and of course delicious. In other words it makes it easy to get alkaline, stay alkaline and enjoy the journey – for life. 

With the cleanse wiping the slate clean and giving you the platform – the Alkaline For Life Plan is your roadmap to take those next steps into a lifetime of abundant health.
Normally $97
BONUS 2: Quit Sugar Plan
I know for a lot of people THIS is what is doing the most damage and what is the catalyst for a lot of the acidic problems people are dealing with – I am also going to give you full access to my hugely successful Quit Sugar Plan, which currently sells for $97.  

This is a 14-day Quit Sugar protocol that has gotten such incredible results for people over the past year of me teaching it. 

 It makes it SO easy to ditch the sugar for good, and once you finish the 14 days – the chances of going back to the sugar are practically zero.
Normally $127
BONUS 3: Anti-Inflammation Masterclass
Because inflammation is at the root cause of so many of the conditions and challenges we’re facing – from hormonal imbalance, to excess weight, fatigue to autoimmune – I am including my deep dive Anti-Inflammation training as your third bonus. 

 If you have inflammation in your body right now – this deep dive training will get on top of that, addressing it rapidly – with my Masterclass guide, Anti-Inflammation Recipe Book, meal plans, expert interviews with Yuri Elkaim, Dr Susan Pierce Thompson & Dr Sara Gottfried and so much more. 

 Again, this has been a hugely popular course of mine for $127, and you get this too when you join the Alkaline Reset Cleanse.
These three bonuses have a real-world value of over $400 - not to mention the Group Cleanses & Personal One-on-One access to Ross - which previously cost $997 per month...

And you can have all of this, plus the Alkaline Reset Cleanse for just $197
And At ZERO RISK to You...
Now before we go ALL investments have risks. 


There are two ways this investment can go for you. 

Here’s the first scenario: you go through the Alkaline Reset Cleanse and it completely transforms your health and your life... and in that case you're probably going to think that $197 gave you the biggest return on investment in your life!


The second scenario goes like this… you just don't do anything with the material, or you get distracted, or it's just not your thing. That’s OK… it happens. In this case, just take advantage of my 60-day FREE LOOK policy… and just send me an email and I'll get you a refund right away. No harm, no foul. No hard feelings. 

So either you get incredible health and energy and a crazy return on investment, or you get your money back. Now I don't know about you, but I sure would like to find more investments with those kinds of options. 

Basically, I’m Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is…

The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a program that I truly believe can change your life and health forever. And I would LOVE to be your coach on this new journey and start something amazing with you. 

So if you feel it in your heart, say yes. 

Yes to your new life. 

Yes to abundant energy – and confidence in your body you never thought possible. Yes to unlocking your health and getting the vibrant energy you deserve – all day, every day.

Remember – amazing, abundant health is a LOT easier than you’ve been led to believe – and the Alkaline Reset Cleanse is the fastest, most powerful way to get you there.

I look forward to being your coach along the way. 

Click the button below and register now. 

I’ll see you inside the program.
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60-Day Zero Risk Guarantee - 100% Money Back Policy
Lesson Three: 
The CORE of the Cleanse
The CORE of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse PLUS the Seven Cleanse "Killers" to Avoid & How to Turn Them Into Strengths (...and your next steps)
Video #3: The CORE of the Cleanse & the 7 Cleanse "Killers" (This Video"

Video #4: Coming Soon

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